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Hero27,848 plays
Hero on the Hudson10,973 plays
Hero RPG20,351 plays
Hero RPG 231,374 plays
Hero Tank4,709 plays
Aster Blaster9,083 plays
Krakken Attack8,316 plays
Nero The Hero17,620 plays
Laberinto3,568 plays
Elysium Man5,380 plays
Sugar Crash4,505 plays
Game Information
This cool sideview game is a combat against evil guys, so you can finally meet their boss and slay him down! Make sure you finish all his helpers first. Play Hero!
Played:27,846 times
133 like this game. 29 hate this game.
Category:All Games > Action > Arena Fighting Games
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Instructions / How to play
W, A, S, D - Move.

J - Attack.

K - Jump.

U - Special Attack.
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